Current Modules

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What are Health Modules?

We introduce to you a possible new approach to apps and mainly what we do with Health. Health Modules are components of Health, the complete and free main app.

Modules will contain ads (for the reason 1 below) but they will be free. The complete app, Health, will be always freely available and ads-free. So if you have the complete app nothing changes to you. This is just a new solution for people asking only for a part of Health, for example articles, period monitoring, posture monitoring, seasonal foods (reason 2 below).

Why Modules?

Two reasons:

1. to try to have funds to improve and expand Health (for us)
2. to let everyone who wants to not have the whole app but only a certain module.


For those asking: and what about instant apps launched by Google?

We are considering also to introduce them, but for now modules seems a better solution. This because an app totally online and without the possibility to store a few data locally is very hard to realize in that case. Using just the desired part from the complete app will be less limitating for us and umcorfortable for the user. With modules you will have only functions that you want and with less space usage.

Note on Modules:
However, our health idea follows the whole app strand, your health can not be affected only by the diet or just the period. Health is a more complex concept involving things at 360°.
Someone told us that it is hard to install Health on the smartphone because there is no more free space available on it. We answer that the complete and original version of Health’s apk size is still <10mb, the same space required by just a pair of photo.. and after all it is about our health. As always, it’s up to you!