Health 1.5 is out and brings to you:

  • New Design on sections: Home Screen, Seasonal Foods Detail
  • Food Additives: new from scratch. Machine Learning powered – detect additives with only the smartphone’s camera on the product label
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
New Design - HomeScreen
New Design – HomeScreen


New Design - Seasonal Foods Detail
New Design – Seasonal Foods Detail

Food Additive Detector

Food Additives Detector
Food Additives Detector

Until Health 1.4 you could go in the main section of Food Additives and search for them, one by one. With that new function you have only to pick a photo of a product’s label and Health will do the rest for you! It will do a quick research and prompt to you the results about the food additives in the product. You can browse the red results and open more details for every detected word. Moreover, you can also add some word to be highlighted, for example if you have some intolerance and you wanna keep an eye on a certain ingredient.
If you prefer, the old search functionality is still available from the full additives’ list!


Soon a new big update will be available, wait for news after this summer. We wish you many deep breaths!

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