We’ve been busy for a while, but now we’re back on track.
A new update is available starting today: Health 1.1.0. This time we have for you:

  • Personal Profile: new from scratch
  • Settings: added Notifications, added a new option Send Hint
  • New option in the side-left menu: Invite Friends (use it, we will appreciate!)
  • Articles: added notifications for New Articles
  • Added: Posture Monitoring, Period Monitoring
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Little extra: Health has been published also on the official Amazon AppStore, welcome to users coming from there!

Personal Profile

Personal Profile


Posture Monitoring

The Posture Monitoring helps you to remember to keep a correct posture. You can set a time slot and a frequency. A notification will appear randomly (in the range) and opening it you will receive some quick tip to stand up straight.

Posture Monitoring



Period Monitoring

The Period Monitoring let all the girls to keep their period under control. They are now able to see predictions and period history in the Personal Calendar and to receive a reminder notification before the next flux cycle.

Period Monitoring




We are already working on the next update. We are also fixing the bugs that we find and improving the actuals tools. Remember that you can ask everything through an email, or our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages. Moreover you can send us a direct and instantaneous feedback through the app (Settings ->Send a Feedback).

Another surprise will be available shortly (days).

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