Health 1.2 changes:

  • ICE Lock Screen: enable it to help others when you need help.
  • General: dismiss every view by swiping to right! Now it’s easy to use Health with one hand only.
  • Settings: better organization of sections, easy to find and manage.
  • Posture monitoring: new frequency inserted: Adaptive.
  • Statistics: new from scratch, better organization.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


ICE Lock Screen

With the ICE (In Case of Emergency) Lock Screen, you can show the main informations about you on the smarphone’s Lock Screen. You can set basic informations like blood group, a number to call in case of emergency, and more. This will help an eventual rescuer to act. You can obviouslly set your favourite wallpaper or keep the current one. The ICE Lock Screen works independently from the privacy set on notifications or the screen locked with a password/pattern/pin.
Note: this option cannot be actually used on Android lower than Nougat (7, API 24).

ICE Lock Screen


This well-known feature is now fully supported. We find amazing how it’s easy and comfortable now to navigate Health with only one hand.

Swipe to dismiss


Posture Monitoring: adaptive frequency

In the Posture Monitoring we added a new frequency option: Adaptive. A notification will appear as always in the time range you selected. Depending on what you answer (“Were you with a correct posture?” -> Yes / No) the frequency of the notification will be adjusted.

So if you tend to answer No the monitoring will augment the notification frequency and viceversa with Yes it will appear less frequently. This helps you to get used to have a correct posture. The current adaptive frequency range is 15~240min.



We are little late with the german language, but we’re on it, wait for news!

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