We do not collect any data from users in the apps. Actually you have all your data offline, nothing is sent outside the app to servers.


Health: The Android RECORD_AUDIO permission is required by the app but can be used only for the dev, it is never used in users screens: thus there are no recordings. There are no data about it locally nor on the server. About all the other users’ data (like in the calendar), nothing is sent to the server. All the data you insert, is kept in the smartphone and is deleted when you delete it. The data in the smartphone are in a db (the data you insert in the calendar) and in sharedpreferences (the data coming from your preferences, in order to save the settings of the app).

Health Posture Monitoring: the app does not collect any data of the user. It only stores locally in sharedPreferences an integer that regulates the frequency of checks, in order to augment or reduce the notifications.