We would like to get Health translated and available in more languages, in order to reach as people as possible. If you wanna help contact us.

Hints and Bugs reports

You are welcome also for hints and bugs reports. If you’d like to have some other new feature inside Health do not wait, share with us your advice, we will do our best. Let us know if all works well.


If you like Health you can make a donation in order to keep it alive. We currently accept them via:

Bitcoin, to this wallet address:


Ethereum, to this wallet address:


Paypal, to this email:

If you wanna make a donation no matter what in another way, please contact us.


With donations we can do more and better. We will do our best also without them since we believe in the project. This is a project not focused on money since its goal is bigger.
We have big ideas and many other things to build inside Health.